View Full Version : Jack Deardorff in September 1980

28-Oct-2020, 07:15
My 35mm transparency of Jack Deardorff, made on a Naperville Camera Club tour of the L. F. Deardorff & Sons factory in Chicago 13 September 1980, is of poor quality, but I thought it might interest those who own and use Deardorff cameras.


28-Oct-2020, 21:06
I have one of those suitcase-style camera cases shown in the background. Holds my 8x10 'Dorff and a few lenses. Can't even tell ya how many times that case has been in/out of the trunk of my car. ;)

Mark Sampson
29-Oct-2020, 11:09
Nice to see the face behind the name. Thanks for sharing!

29-Oct-2020, 15:13
Separated at birth?


neil poulsen
30-Oct-2020, 09:55
Interesting. I spoke with him once.

I wonder, if the Deardorff Co. hadn't lost momentum, might they still be in business?