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24-Oct-2020, 20:53
St. Peter Lutheran Church
Union County, SD
Because of the snow storm moving in from the west today, I didn't go very far. I headed south on I-29 to a large country church I haven't photo'd before. It was warmer there (+28 F) and it would be awhile before the snow reached it. I used the iron/copper developer for the first time. This one was pretty clean and I'm encouraged. I might go back tomorrow and dial exposure in a little better if it isn't snowing. It's a bitch to do wet plate when it's snowing!) Kodak 2D 8x10, Darlot wide angle lens c.1870s.

Kent in SD

Jim Noel
24-Oct-2020, 21:18
I like the lowered contrast of the church. It gives the appearance of being distant, perhaps through time.