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Jerry Cunningham
13-Jan-2006, 09:11
I am interested in the RH Pro analyzer. I have read from an earlier post that the device cannot be used with a cold light. I use the Aristo head with the V54 tubes with under the lens filters and I only print black and white. Can someone give me some insight into the issue. All answers would be appreciated.
Jerry Cunningham

Ralph Barker
13-Jan-2006, 09:49
Jerry - You'll probably want to contact RH Designs (http://www.rhdesigns.co.uk/) directly with specific questions about their products.

My understanding, however, is that the Analyser Pro works with all enlarger types. There are different models of their StopClock timers designed for different enlarger types, including ones for cold-light heads (StopClock Vario).

Jerry Cunningham
13-Jan-2006, 10:00
thanks Ralph, I got the information. However if any other viewers have an opinion, I would like to hear it.

Richard Schlesinger
13-Jan-2006, 10:25
I have an RH Designs analyzer I purchased recently and use with an Aristo cold light with a V54 tube. It is a wonderful timer - don't know how I got along without it. Much more than a timer, worth every penny. Check Paul Butzi's review on his web page. It takes a bit of learning to use all that the timer can do, but it does it wonderfully well!

Nacio Jan Brown
13-Jan-2006, 11:09
Jerry, You may be thinking of the difficulty of using an RH Analyzer in a darkroom equiped with the type of safelight that is not switched off during focusing and paper exposure. The Thomas Duplex safelight is the most common example. njb