View Full Version : 52>55mm?

Colin Graham
12-Jan-2006, 18:08
I just got a fuji NW 125...Thought I was getting the 52mm thread but it's a 55mm. Need to order a stepping ring but was wondering if I would run into vignette problems using 52mm filters. There's probably no way to tell except try, but thought by chance someone here might have encountered this? Thanks for any help.

Gary L. Quay
30-Jan-2006, 09:44
This lens "sees" about 75 degrees, which should give a little space for a step down ring, but I would get the 55mm filters. You would have vinetting problems when you tilted the front and / or rear of the camera. I haven't used this specific lens, but the engineers at optics manufacturers don't throw darts to pinpoint the optimal filter size. A good rule I've been told by those wiser than myself is: you can always go larger. For instance, I owned a Pentax 6x7, with a 45mm lens. The filter opening was 87mm! A polerizer cost $295.00! So, rather than buying filters for my other lenses, I bought step up rings and used that filter. (The expense of buying filters for that camera was one of the reasons I sold it.)

Good Luck!