View Full Version : Rodenstock Lens Wrench on ebay

Bob Salomon
2-Jan-2000, 19:41
Once again a word to the wise. This weekend a Rodenstock Lens Wrench was auctioned for $39.50 on eBay.

If anyone is tepted to bid on the wrench in the future or wants to buy them our Suggested list Price for the wrench is $16.00 and they can be ordered from any camera store. most dealers will probably discount from our list price or, at least, not sell it for 2x+ list price as it was just auctioned for.

If you want one and have problems finding one let us know and we will help you locate one at a reasonable cost.

John Hicks
4-Jan-2000, 02:27
I'm not surprised. Lenses often go on ebay for somewhat higher prices than B&H n ew US warranty. Amazing.

franki wango
4-Jan-2000, 14:04
I'm suprised Bob isn't putting those lens wrenches on E-Bay himself to make a little more money.

Michael Phifer
4-Jan-2000, 22:00
I am not supprised, and am very glad to have someone like Bob Salomon (Still) ve ry interested and involved in LF.

We should all be thankfull for this.

Mike Phifer

Daniel Taylor
4-Jan-2000, 22:16
absolutely. Bob is a welcomed resource, especially with my new Technikardan sitting here on the Gitzo.

William Marderness
6-Jan-2000, 23:01
Bogen 3047's often go for more than the new price.

g. wiley
20-Feb-2001, 03:12
Another big scam on Ebay is the Toyo 3.x Ground Glass focusing Loupe ($39.95 at B&H Photo retail) which every two weeks gets sold on Ebay for 90% of its retail cost. One is currently being auctioned and with 5 day left 8 people have already gleefully driven the bidding to $41.00 (Duh!@#).

Its amazing. Put a Toyo Loupe up for auction, and within hours people have already bid what should be the final price for a used product (about $25-- $30 at the most). "Idiot out at first,... Idiot out at 2nd, Double Play!!!"