View Full Version : Cannot Win with Unicolor

Steve H
11-Jan-2006, 15:00
I tried all the tricks listed on this site to stop a leaky unicolor drum. I tried the silicone trick, and it didn't work. So then I tried the superglue routine. The result was abit too much super glue was placed on the lugs, and when tightened, it caused the lid to crack. So....If anyone needs 120 reels, or parts of the FILM drum (obviously the lid is useless), shoot me an email.
On a different note, I 'think' Im ok with the print drum. It leaked, but I replaced the plastic gasket, which now slowed the leak to 1 drop every 3 rotations or so. I suppose I will find this acceptable until I am able to afford a jobo drum.

ronald moravec
12-Jan-2006, 06:50
I used to put a 5x7 tray under the leak. If you collect enough, dump it back in.

I got away from a mechanical processing except for color where I need temp comtrol.

Use 4x5 hangars with proper hangar rack and stainless tanks, Nikor tank, or six sheet Jobo drum with hand inversion agitation.

Bob Fowler
12-Jan-2006, 07:19
My roller sits in a 16X20 tray, just to catch the occasional drips. :-)