View Full Version : Widest lens on a Technika III?

10-Jan-2006, 00:03
Can someone tell me what is the widest lens I can use on a Linhof Technika III. I just ordered a 90mm f6.8 Schneider Angulon, assuming it would work. I'd love to also use something like a 75mm, but don't know if this is practically possible.


10-Jan-2006, 05:02
I think the 90/6.8 angulon should work. We had a combi like that for a short while. We sold it as we did not like the way you can't really do any adjustments to the angulon when set to infinity. It sits way inside the camera and the knobs hide behind the hinges of the drop bed, meaning you have to pry with minute fingers in between the parts to get anywhere. The later models have knobs on the top of the front standard rather than on the bottom. Even if you would be able to use a 75mm lens on this camera, it might be a far cry from convenient and easy.
Hope this helps (and not discourages too much)

tor kviljo
10-Jan-2006, 05:49
The tech III used angulon 90/6.8 as standard widest lens of the standard camera-set (90, 150 & 240) . Used at infinity, I belive You have to use the drop-bed facility to avoid getting the baseboard in view when shooting 4"x5" with back in vertical. However, the tech III is definitively not a good camera for WA use due to cramped interior when lens pushed back to infinity-for-90mm position. By the way, the 90/6.8 is an Angulon, not a Super-Angulon, so image circle is way smaller than the 90mm f8 or 5.6 SA, barely covering 4"x5". However, You can get away with tilt & swing using the technical back on the tech III.

robert poor
10-Jan-2006, 06:47
The reply by tor kviljo leads to the obvious question of which field 4x5s are best for wide angle....but not exclusively wide angle. I assume one could design a bag bellows to work at full extension as well as to permit close up with little extension.


Ted Harris
10-Jan-2006, 07:03
To answer robert there are a number of field 4x5's that have bag bellows and others that are designed as 'wide' cameras. The Walker Titan SF, Canham and Wista SP, to name a few all accept interchangable bellows. Ebony, Walker and others make wide angle cameras that permit the use of relatively extreme wide angles through normal focal lengths.

Most field cameras permit the use of lenses as wide as 90mm mounted on flat boards. Some even wider. I have used a 75mm Super Angulon on Horseman, Toyo, Walker and Ebony fields with some restriction of movements depending on the camera but not beyond usefulness.

Bellows, on both monorails and field cameras, become the limiting factor in restricting movements. The clamshell design of many folding fields is another limiting factor. Recessed lensboards, to a certain extent provide a partial workaround. The Horseman FA has one unique (unique AFAIK) that makes rise much easier, a 'flip up' upper lip in the body. Bottom line is that if you are interested in lens NO wider than 90mm your selection of field cameras is fairly large. It is still good as you go down to 75mm, wider than that and the selection starts to become more limited.

Matthew Cromer
10-Jan-2006, 09:45
I use a 65/8 on my Shen Hao. I have a bag bellows but don't need it as I am not using any rise/fall or shift with the 65 lens. The Shen Hao is very affordable if a bit heavy for some people's tastes.

Christopher Perez
10-Jan-2006, 09:51
75mm lenses work on TechIII cameras. I have used both 75mm Schneider Super Angulon f/8 and Rodenstock f/6.8 Grandagon.

For verticals, you'll need to drop the front bed and click the front standard back to keep things aligned. Otherwise you'll see the rails in the frame. But for horizontals there may be no need to drop the focusing bed.

Bob Salomon
10-Jan-2006, 14:14
75/72mm if you can find the recessed board for it. If you can find the old Wide Angle Focusing Device for the III then you could get to a 65mm. Just be sure anything you buy is specifically for the III. Later lens boards and Focus Devices will not fit it.

11-Jan-2006, 12:06
Thanks for the info everyone. I'll see how the 90mm goes before I try anything wider. As I am new to large format, I may find that this is wide enough for me anyway. BTW, can Bob or someone else tell me what the "Wide Angle Focusing Device" for the Technika III is? Or direct me to a link that describes it?

Bob Salomon
11-Jan-2006, 13:35
It is a helicoid focusing bellows that mounts to the lens standard and is used with the lens standard in the body rather then on the focusing rails. Since it mounts directly to the front standard the lens has to be mounted on a Technika 23 board rather then a 45 board.

Ones for the IV and later are quite common. For the III they are rare.