View Full Version : Dynalite "factory" repairs available.

Neal Chaves
4-Sep-2020, 11:54
Although Dynalite has ceased production, repairs are now available at the same location by former lead technician,
John Prazeres. He has a large stock of original replacement parts, and the reasonable repair rates have not changed.

1050 Commerce Ave.
Suite D
Union NJ 07083

Call John at 908 209 2485
or email him azoreselectronics.dl@gmail.com

Mark Sampson
4-Sep-2020, 21:49
That's great news. My Dyna-Lites have served me well for over 25 years.
Although I'm not doing much lighting these days (beyond copy work), I wouldn't want to be without them (or have to replace them with another brand).

Neal Chaves
5-Sep-2020, 07:44
It's very good news for studio strobe users. I invested considerable time and effort in 10" spot/Fresnel conversions to Dynalite. Unless a very slow emulsion like wet plate is being exposed, 800Ws through a DeSisti or Castor is usually more than enough power. Some very nice Dynalite MP8 packs are being surplussed off by Roberts for $270 each shipped. These cost over $1000 each only one year ago. With careful use, they could soldier on for years. I'm using Norman P2000Ds manufactured in the early '90s although all my Dynalites are recent production.

Thom Bennett
5-Sep-2020, 19:29
Thanks for sharing this info! I was worried about getting some repairs done when I heard Dynalite shut down.