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Sanders McNew
9-Jan-2006, 08:55
After the good news last week about A+O's revival of the Agfa chemical line, including Rodinal, I wrote to A+O to ask about the fate of the Agfa paper lines. A+O referred me to Dr. Thomas Huebsch at Agfa Photo (thomas.huebsch@agfaphoto.com). In reply to my email, Dr. Huebsch this morning wrote:

"Unfortunately there is no chance at all that production of MCC might be resumed. Although BW paper demand is very high, our integrated production system would render production of only BW materials uneconomical."

For those of you who have been hoping for a resumption of production of the Agfa papers, this is very bad news indeed.

Sanders McNew (www.mcnew.net)

9-Jan-2006, 10:26
Whilst I regret the loss of any B+W film/paper/chemical manufacturer I can't help feeling that the time is here that we should consider making a move to using the smaller specialist manufacturers. The reason, I think, is because whilst some of the big boys may continue for a while in production, the smaller specialist producers such as Kentmere and MACO etc will be feeling the pinch with the falloff in demand. If they go out of business before the bigger producers finally give up then there will be nothing left. On the other hand, if support is given to the smaller producers now, then when the big producers pack up, they will be able to benefit from picking up the extra demand created by losing the competition. The small manufacturers are, I think, less likely to be able to diversify into other products and are more likely to try and stay in the business of producing B+W materials. If, for example, Ilford were to fail tomorrow then the smaller producers would benefit. Under every cloud there is a silver lining!

Nick Morris
9-Jan-2006, 11:34
Yes, this is very sad news. Though my experience is limited, I found Agfa's MCC papers very much to my liking. I agree that support should go to those who plan to continue producing quality papers, film and related materials. Even with Michael Simth and Paula Chamlee's heroic efforts, we lost Azo. Traditional photography is facing a number of challenges. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Ilford seems to be commited to continuing B&W materials.

9-Jan-2006, 14:38
yes Ilford are committed but that doesn't mean they will last. It's early days in their new form. Call me cynic if you like but British companies have a track record of failed buy outs and as far as I understand the new Ilford setup is not ideal. They don't own the land or premises they are in. It is leased to them. If they are still making a go of it in 5 years then maybe they are in for the long haul. We'll see. In the mean time I wouldn't like to see the smaller manufacturers fail.

Sanders McNew
9-Jan-2006, 14:59
Rob, I might be more excited about Ilford if I liked their papers. But apart from Ilfobrom, they don't do it for me. They don't handle as easily as Agfa MCC 111, which dries flat, and their neutral and warmtone papers straddle where I want to be -- Agfa MCC 111 falls nicely between the two.

Ilford is the company I always want to like, but they never quite hit the spot for me. I prefer the look of Tri-X to HP5; Rodinal to the Ilford developers; and Agfa to MGIV. I am happy that Ilford is committed to traditional darkroom materials, but I hope they don't end up crowding out others as the market shrinks and consolidates.


9-Jan-2006, 15:35
Agfa got it wrong when they discontinued Portriga and Brovira.