View Full Version : problem: 6x7 roll film back on linhof kardan color

on sekiz
9-Jan-2006, 08:34
when i use the original 6x7 roll film back of the linhof kardan color 4x5 inch, after the film process i see that the first frame that i shot is missing and there is one more unused available frame on the film, i load the film and turn it till the starting sign meets the red color starting point of the roll film back, i ve tried three films and in every time it is the same. what should i do?

9-Jan-2006, 09:01
Line up the marking to the back and film as you have, then close the back and wind to #1. You seem to be skipping the second part. Perhaps the counter isn't reset properly before loading.

on sekiz
9-Jan-2006, 09:05
i just did but it appears another problem to exist, if anyone who used it before please contribute an answer, ( another weird thing about the back, there is an extra thick cylinder that the film has to pass over before folding the exposure area, which i never saw on the other backs like mamiya, hasselblad vs....)

9-Jan-2006, 12:02
Can, I use two Super Rollex 6x7 backs with my Linhof Color 6x9 with no problems; here is how I load then:

1. I lay the back down on a table with the red arrow on top
2. I pull the insert out; the larger cylinder roller guide is on the right
3. I load the film on the tension spring holders next to the large cylinder roller guide
4. I wrap the film paper over the large cylinder roller guide, pulling it across the back of the film back and over the smaller roller film guide on the left and finally into the empty film spool.
5. I find the film paper can be very taunt when I advance the film to the "red arrow with window" starting point inside the insert, so I usually slide the red arrow button on top of the holder and pull some slack out from the large cylinder side until I am pretty close to the starting point the film requires.
6. When I have reached this point I then load the insert back into the holder, close the door and most importantly, I slide the red arrow (on the top of the holder) to the left and begin to advance the film via the advance lever until the number "1" appears which is usually 3.5 to 4 complete lever pulls.

When shooting, you must slide the red arrow button to the left before you advance to the next frame, and also when you have reached the end of the roll for unloading. If my technique does not work for you, the back may need to have a mechanical adjustment. If your back is the older black Rollex type, it may have spacing problems as I have been told to stay away from them for that reason.