View Full Version : Film holder question for F&S 12x20

Craig Alan Huber
27-Aug-2020, 16:33
I have 4 AWB 12x20 filmholders. They each have the 'proud' rib that runs the length of the short side. Will these work with a standard F&S 12x20?


Oren Grad
27-Aug-2020, 17:21
An unmodified F&S 12x20 needs holders with a groove rather than the rib that's typical of other brands.

27-Aug-2020, 18:00
The picture above shows the groove on FS 12x20 film holder as Oren said. FS 12x20 film holders are hard to find and expensive. I recently bought 2 customer-made FS 12x20 film holders from an eBay seller, fire1007. It is very affordable. Below is my hand drawing I gave to him. He also sells non FS 12x20 film holders.

karl french
27-Aug-2020, 18:12
If you have the 4 holders (especially the nice AWB holders), it is better to modify the camera.