View Full Version : Arista Odorless Liquid Fixer

Paul Mongillo
8-Jan-2006, 09:34
Hi All,

Its been a long time since I have visited this forum. I guess when I was sitting in front of a computer all day at work it was easy to drop in and see what was going on during breaks. Since graduating from work a couple of years ago, I don't spend as much time on line. Anyway, I have recently decided to try the odorless fix made by Arista. It is very convenient and faster than Kodak powdered fix and it has no odor. Should now go to odorless stop.

It seems like the Arista fix lasts a very long time when processing fiber prints and I have yet to exhaust my first batch (I use hypo check). If you use this stuff, does it respond to hypo check in the same way as my Kodak fix? Will I get that milky white liquid when the fix is exhausted?



8-Jan-2006, 11:54
It responds the same way to hypo chek as standard fixers. I am surprised it is lasting all that long for you, since the Arista standard is pretty dilute at 1:9. You should probably change fixer when it becomes moderately yellow as that is another indicator of fixer exhaustion.