View Full Version : sine wave agitation

8-Jan-2006, 03:56
simma sine wave agitation motor base, has anyone had experience of this with 4x5 and 8x10 film.

Joseph O'Neil
8-Jan-2006, 06:56
I have used both that roller base and and unicolour roller base for my Jobo 2551 drum, 4x5, B&W. I have seen no difference in developing or times or any other adjustments.

the only thing I did notice is that the drum can "creep" to one end or another i you don't pay close attention to placing it with the centre of gravity on the base.


John Kasaian
8-Jan-2006, 08:03

In Graywolf Phillip's article on processing sheetfilm in the Unicolor, He recommends a couple of big fat rubber band be put on the drum to serve as 'stops' to keep the drum from working its way off the base. After mopping D-76 off the kitchen floor one night, I tried those rubber bands and they work! FWIW I like the rubber bands that comes on broccolli and asparagus from the grocers.