View Full Version : Ilford Harman cool and warm tone developers?

Craig Wactor
7-Jan-2006, 23:01
Has anyone used these? How long have they been around? I just noticed them on the shelf in PhotoMark today. I would love to hear what anyone thinks about them, especially the cool tone version!

Oren Grad
8-Jan-2006, 08:37
Craig - they're brand new products, among the first wave of product introductions and reintroductions now that the Harman management team has gotten the Ilford business stabilized. You might check over at APUG - there's been a bit of discussion over there, I think some folks have already gotten their hands of the stuff and started to use it.

Scott Davis
9-Jan-2006, 09:41
I currently have two cases of the stuff sitting in my darkroom... I'm working on doing a comparison test with both those developers, Ansco 130, and Dektol. I'll let you know when I've had a chance to do some substantive testing.