View Full Version : Ilfotec HC vs Kodak HC 110

Eric Biggerstaff
6-Jan-2006, 14:02

Are these two developers basically the same?

I have used HC 110 but never Ilfotec HC. A friend gave me a couple of bottles of Ilfotec and I was wondering if anyone out there has ever used it and if so, did they find it similiar to HC 110.


Oren Grad
6-Jan-2006, 14:41
I tried it quite a few years ago. As I recall, it did indeed behave very much like HC-110. I later decided that I didn't much care for HC-110, so I didn't pursue it further. But if you do like HC-110, the Ilford counterpart is probably a reasonable alternative.

ronald moravec
6-Jan-2006, 15:51
They may be the same or similar except Calumet charges 2-3 times as much for Ilford. I`m glad they were out of stock.

6-Jan-2006, 18:58
While I've not tried Ilfotec-HC, I've been told by a very experienced photographer that while the two developers seem similar (the name, developing times, both liquid, similar color, etc, etc) they behave quite differently based on emulsion. The example he cited was HP5+ - he swears that Ilfotec HC is a much better developer for HP5+ than HC110.

Give it a shot, see what you like.