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Michael Kadillak
5-Jan-2006, 16:27
After a long and arduous journey, we have completed the negotiations with Kodak allowing John at J&C to set up ordering on his web site. As a result, I have the following information to share with the group:

Ordering Kodak T-Max 400 Sheet Film


Everything is arranged with Kodak and we are now taking Pre-Orders as discussed in a previous thread. Package sizes have changed from what was originally posted but the relative price remains the same.

The following are the terms of the offer for pre ordering this film from our web site at: http://www.jandcphoto.com/index.asp...on=Custom&ID=24

"This order form is to Pre-Order your Kodak T-Max 400 Sheet film in the sizes listed below. Please email us if the size you are interested is not listed. The Pre-Order period and discount price listed is available between January 5th 2006 and January 30th 2006.

All pre-orders need to be fully prepaid by check, money order or credit card to be accepted. We will authorize your credit card upon receipt of the order. Once we meet the minimum order volume to place the order with Kodak we will charge your card for your order.

Because of the special nature of this purchase there can be no refunds or returns.

This order form, along with your payment, should be mailed (or in case of credit card payment, mailed or faxed) to the address or number listed above. Our call center will not accept orders for this purchase. All orders have to be placed on this form and signed.

You may also make your payment using PayPal (sales@jandcphoto.com). However, this form with your order and signature must be sent to us for your order to be accepted. Orders made using PayPal will be charged to your account upon placing the order.

The delivery date has not been determined and cannot be determined until Kodak has all the cutting information for the sizes being ordered. We will update all customers in February as to the delivery date. However, at this time we expect delivery sometime in late March."

I want everyone to understand that there is a critical mass of pre orders needed in order to make this deal happen. Kodak is cutting an entire master roll for us in any sizes we ask for. The costs are very high. For this reason we are not offering direct ordering through our shopping cart. First we want everyone to understand the offer completely by downloading the order form and filling it out. Second, if we allowed on line ordering and charged your credit card right away and the critical mass is not achieved we would be in a position of having to refund the purchase price to our customers but the bank would not refund the fees they charged to us and we would potentially be sitting on a several thousand dollar loss.

We intend to stock the more common sizes of these films (most likely 4x10, 5x7, 5x12, 7x17, 8x20, 12x20, and 11x14). However, unique and rare sizes must be ordered on the pre-order as we won't have these sizes cut unless they are asked for.

Since 4x5 and 8x10 are regular stock items for Kodak we are not including them in this offering but will stock them on a regular basis.

Thanks for everyones patience in this matter.


Robert A. Zeichner
5-Jan-2006, 16:34
This is great news. Thanks Michael and thanks J&C for helping to make this happen. I'll be sending my order in tomorrow.

Jim Rhoades
6-Jan-2006, 06:47
Michael, Good work and good luck. When we met a few years back I bet you never realized how much work it would be to feed that hungry beast of yours. Makes me glad I stayed with my tiny 8x10.

Oren Grad
6-Jan-2006, 15:55
No, it's still there. Go to the home page and follow the links from there.

JandC Photo
6-Jan-2006, 19:00

Somehow the URL got truncated when it was pasted here.