View Full Version : Fujinon LF Lenses...Where Are They??

Andrew O'Neill
4-Jan-2006, 18:41
In the process of replacing all my gear, I have been told that Fujinon lenses are no longer available in Canada. Any of you south of the 49th know if they are still available there? I need to replace my 90mm and 600 c. Thanks!

Juergen Sattler
4-Jan-2006, 18:59
It seems that both Badger Graphics and Midwest Photo Exchange are still selling Fujinon lenses. Why not give either one a call and find out what's going on? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

tim atherton
4-Jan-2006, 19:11
they haven't been officially imported into Canda (or the US) for years now I think

So yes, basically Badger, Midwest or maybe Robert White in the UK?

(BTW - very good service on both new and used Fuji lenses from midwest)

David Karp
4-Jan-2006, 19:33
I have had very good luck buying used Fujinon large format lenses from Jim Andracki at Midwest Photo Exchange. (MPEX.COM) He also carries them new.

Joseph O'Neil
4-Jan-2006, 19:57
Badger shipped my Fujinon lens to me to Canada no problemo. Fujinon did have a Canadian distributor for optics, but that was strickly for binoculars and spotting scopes, never camera lenses. It all was totally seperate from Fuji film distribution.

Now - the real question is, where do I find Jobo in Canada/ the store i normally deal with says they cannot get Jobo darkroom parts anymore.


Andrew O'Neill
4-Jan-2006, 20:20
Great! Thanks guys.

4-Jan-2006, 21:11
Good luck with Jobo parts in Canada. The Jobo distributor went belly up years ago in Canada. I'm fairly sure Henry's bought up all the excess stock and pushed it onto Ebay. At least the stock that was left after people locally picked up the prime stuff. I'm still kicking myself for missing a few odds and ends.

If you want Jobo mail order from the US.

With Omega-Satter now handling Jobo I was hoping the people that handle Omega in Canada might pick the stuff up but no luck.

Merg Ross
5-Jan-2006, 09:46
Yes, Jim at Midwest would be a good choice. He frequently travels to Japan and purchases, among other things, Fujinon lenses. I ordered a 125mm Fujinon from him last year and had it in hand within two months.

Robert Skeoch
5-Jan-2006, 21:15
Hi Andrew,
I picked up a new 300C and 450C from Jim at Midwest last summer. He had them both in stock and I had them in about a week.
They've never needed service so I have no clue where to send them in Canada when they do.
-Rob Skeoch in Burlington, ON

richard brown
6-Jan-2006, 22:54
hey andrew....i love my 400 fujinon but in the 90mm area, i tested a 90 fujinon f8 and found out that it would not cover on my 6x17 art pan although the super angulon 90mm f8 was sharper in the corners. I will be trading in the two 90's and getting a new 90 nikkor f8. It has a 235mm circle unlike the 216mm of the fuji and schneider. so be careful... and jim andracki at midwest is the best thing that has happened to photography since ansel. wonderful human being....we should all be so open, honest and helpful...