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Ron Johnson
4-Jan-2006, 07:36
What is the meaning of "BZT" in the formula for Agfa Neutol WA Paper Developer?

N Dhananjay
4-Jan-2006, 08:01
Probably benzotriazole. Cheers, DJ

Ron Johnson
4-Jan-2006, 08:48
Thanks DJ for your info. The formula listed on this website specified a liquid measure i.e. 10ml., whereas the supplier I contacted stated it was a powder only!

Doug Herta
4-Jan-2006, 10:13
Ron - Usually people work with a 1% solution of benzotriazole and add 10ml of the 1% solution in the formula. This is commonly done where there is a requirement for a small amount and measuring it in powder form would be difficult.

Check other sources for the formula to see if others define it as a 1% solution.

4-Jan-2006, 19:32
Can you please provide a link to the formula? Thanks, Jim.

4-Jan-2006, 23:18
Found the thread (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/lfforum/topic/503060.html), although I though the formula was proprietary and therefore unpublished.

5-Jan-2006, 04:51

you might want to look here (http://www.jackspcs.com/chemdesc.htm).

following the links around the site for Benzotriazole you should find that in small amounts (10ml of 1%) it works as an antifoggant. In larger amounts it works to neutralise or cool the image tone)

In metal applications it basically works as a rust(oxidation?) inhibitor.

Ron Johnson
5-Jan-2006, 08:16
Thanks guys for all your contributory info about "BZT">