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Tin Can
15-Jul-2020, 08:18
Just watched TopShit latest video

Very Very well done, showing, not telling, how to work

Patreon.com Only

But I hope more videos are linked for us all

Tin Can
15-Jul-2020, 10:57
John Coffer Pours a Mammoth Plate (https://youtu.be/WA2drqFReTI)

Mark Sawyer
15-Jul-2020, 13:02
I tried making a wet plate video, but the collodion gummed up the sensor...

15-Jul-2020, 13:05
I am a couple of months and 60+ plates into my wet plate journey.

Hey Randy:
I am totally immersed in wet plate everything & anything! And it sounds like you are as well.
I feel very fortunate to have multiple excellent learning tools at my disposal:
* Videos from Topshit, John Coffer, Quinn Jacobson, and Robert Bieber are where I go regularly.
* Written step-by-step tutorials from John Coffer & Quinn Jacobson ... both guide books are excellent!
* This Forum particularly in the newly added 'wet plate collodion' section.
* Quinn Jacobson's weekly Studio Q Streamyard / Youtube live discussions with Q&A.

Gotta go clean some plates for tomorrow!

John Coffer Pours a Mammoth Plate (https://youtu.be/WA2drqFReTI)

Tin Can
15-Jul-2020, 15:49
I am a beginner who hasn't made one plate yet

getting ready

lots going on

Thanks for the heads up

Tin Can
19-Jul-2020, 03:45
Watched this last night on Amazon, a full length feature film

Collodion: The Process of Preservation https://vimeo.com/351529139

I think the trailer may stop some from viewing it

It becomes a meditation

I just made the only comment about the flick in 11 months on Vimeo

CANCELED - Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital: "Collodion: The Process of Preservation"


Friday, March 20, 2020 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm
Stewart Lee Udall Department of the Interior Building, Sidney R. Yates Auditorium

Tin Can
1-Aug-2020, 10:35
Wet Plate Neg to Carbon Print on Glass

Carbon Print on Glass YouTube


Tin Can
14-Aug-2020, 04:43
Bill Schwab a fellow flyover lander sent me his useful newsletter today

His Photostock (https://www.photostockfest.com/) meetups are well know and part of his North Light Photographic Workshops (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Schwab)

Bill has a new video and Free videp series about all aspects of Wet Plate, so new I have not watched them yet!

All are here (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_3HStA6i1_pmggK3PHwIAEYJMY9NwVHY) on youtube


and now I retreat to my unknown unknowns for the duration

Be Well, I am

Tin Can
5-Sep-2020, 12:17
Quick Great Demo

by Markus Hofstätter

Assisting Myself - a Wide Angle Wet Plate Selfie (https://youtu.be/0-cwsjtzjY8)