View Full Version : Negative Process - Basic Questions

7-Jul-2020, 03:20
Hi there,

I have some basic questions about the negative collodion process that I hope to get more info to answer them.

From what I understand, for the negative collodion process you need
a) Collodion that produces a more dens image
b) Developer that can develop the collodion (a bit slower)

a) and b) is valid IF light is good enough, otherwise you get a negative, that is not good enough for printing (salt, albumen)? Otherwise you have two options:
I) redeveloping with pyro
II) bleach and intesify the plate

Then one should a decent negative, right?

Thanks in advance, I hope it's understandable what I asked...

PS: If anyone has recipes for both collodion and developer for negatives or can point them out for me I'd be very happy