View Full Version : Polaroid 545, 545i, or 545 Pro?

Chris S
2-Jan-2006, 14:35
Hi, I'm totaly new to 4x5 and have a new Shen-Hao wood field with the Graflok back.I want to experiment with type 55 p/n.I'm not sure if I should get the 545i, 545pro, or a used 545 off ebay.Cost is not an issue and I don't mind paying for new.Thanks....Chris

2-Jan-2006, 15:07
Well, if cost isn't an issue, call B&H or Calumet and get a 545pro, order some film and go make pictures. What's to think about? There's no shortage of posts dealing with 55 to answer every question anyone could ever ask about this product.

2-Jan-2006, 15:18
I have owned a 545i for many years and recently purchased a 545 pro. If you think you want a built in timer with adjustment for temperatures built in, then the 545 pro is for you. If you like to keep count of the exposure time yourself, then the 545i will suit you. I use both for 55 and still count to myself. I think if money is not an option I would go new on one of these and not consider the 545 at all.

2-Jan-2006, 21:10
I've got the Pro and an older one. I like the Pro because I never have to worry about development time. Where I shoot the temperatures vary a lot and times vary by as much as 30seconds or more. I spend too much time watching the clock on each shot as it is, by the time it comes to sit out the Type 55 I get a bit feeble-minded.

3-Jan-2006, 01:48
Develop for one minute. You can't really over develop this film. There is no push or pull. Going for a minute also seems to elimanate uneven development.