View Full Version : ANOTHER rainy holiday - what's a landscaper to do?

2-Jan-2006, 11:32
Even here in California it is wet and dreary. Usually when I have a day off I throw the 8x10 in the car and go prospecting for imagery. Doesn't everybody? Today I seem to be reduced to reading people's snipes at each other about ReadyLoad film plane accuracy (see previous post). Maybe the weather has us all a bit touchy.

Maybe I'll take a portrait of my wife, reading calmly 5 feet away from me. Any other indoor suggestions for an outdoor guy?

David Karp
2-Jan-2006, 11:39

Of course, I am not practicing what I preach, but how about a still life or something? Maybe some shots of old rusty tools or something. Me -- my three year old wants me to watch the replay of the Rose Parade with him. So that is what I will be doing for a while.

Happy new year.

Eric Leppanen
2-Jan-2006, 11:54
Work on your rationale for taking tomorrow off. The storm is supposed to clear out late tonight, so tomorrow will have clean skies, gorgeous clouds, and snow-capped mountains. Who needs work with scenery like that?

Curtis Nelson
2-Jan-2006, 12:18
As soon as I feel better, I'll be making a still-life of all the cold medicines I've been taking lately.

Robert Skeoch
2-Jan-2006, 12:22
When I just have to take a photo, I usually buy a couple flowers and shoot them on black.
I think they grow cala lily's just for days like this.
-Rob Skeoch

Dean Tomasula
2-Jan-2006, 12:33
There's no law that says you have to take photos only when the sun is shining. Why not go out and make some moody landscape shots? Make sure you have some sort of cover for the camera, and an umbrella for yourself though.

2-Jan-2006, 12:35
Its the new year hangover. Alcohol is a depressant and will take a few days to get out of your system. Then we can revert to sober flame wars!

Go photograph puddles with rain drop ripples and reflections. Ask the wife to be assistant and hold the umbrella.

Jonathan Brewer
2-Jan-2006, 12:49
Your wife's sitting five feet away from you,........................................and you can't think of something to do? :^).

2-Jan-2006, 12:57
Indoors work? Check out what Jim Galli's been up to: tonopahpictures.0catch.com/4InchGundlachPetzval4X5Pics.html (http://tonopahpictures.0catch.com/4InchGundlachPetzval4X5Pics.html)

Hope you don't have just modern, sharp, well-corrected lenses. :)

Eric Woodbury
2-Jan-2006, 13:07

John Kasaian
2-Jan-2006, 13:26
Its rainy in Fresno. The kidlets are antsy so we went to Barnes & Noble and looked at books. They've got a series of "then and now" photography books on the remainder tables(Hollywood Then and Now, The East Bay Then and Now,etc...) kind of interesting... Borders has O. Winston Link's The Last Steam Railroad in America (?) on thier remainder table.

Glorious cloud formations outside right now. After the front passes, they'll be great vistas of snowcapped peaks and of course, the dreaded valley fog that make for nice photos. The soft light thats currently illuminating my house would be perfect for B&W portraits (if I could get MY wife to sit still!)


2-Jan-2006, 13:42

I sat down to find this post after taking a series of still lifes in the evening window light. Portraiture in soft light?
You are lucky.


QT Luong
2-Jan-2006, 13:43
Paul Caponigro's work in the VC 100th issue is inspiring.

2-Jan-2006, 14:07
Friend of mine has a mini van. A while ago he took the rear seats out and never put them back in. Itís great for photographing in the rain. Pull up to the area you want to photograph open a door, cameraís on a short tripod, sit on the floor and photograph away.

Or have an assistant hold the umbrella.

I have a lens I call the foul weather lens. It has been rained on many of times. As long as I donít loss the lens cap the shutter works. As to the camera itís been rained on and at times it has also been covered in snow. One time I put the Zone VI 8 x 10-prototype camera in the shower. It was covered with salt spray. Camera still works.

Frank Petronio
2-Jan-2006, 15:22
Jim Galli has some nice indoor "landscapes" over on the APUG side. Maybe you could do photos of the kitchen like Wright Morris or Jan Groover?

Ed K.
2-Jan-2006, 15:31
Hey CXC -

There are already some patches of blue, and if the weather lets up just enough to make it bearable, it could be an amazing afternoon/evening in SoCal. After the parade in Pasadena, there's always cityscapes with the amazing trash piles... if you can't find subjects handy, you might consider some self-portraits, which are quite fun in LF. Save some film for this week and weekend though - the weather looks like it will be a landscaper's dream come true for then:)

2-Jan-2006, 18:13
Right you are, E; the sky here in SF is now a lurid mixture of pink and blue, no clouds.

Steve Clark
2-Jan-2006, 19:23
It`s been 35 degrees and raining for a week and a half , here in SE Michigan. I don`t have a lot of patience for your whining ;-)

2-Jan-2006, 21:27
Hey CX,

Living in Vancouver, BC in Canada... the weather here hasn't been all that great either! :(

I have to agree with Rob... do the Cala lily thing. Alternatively, orchids are also plentiful!

You have ALL kinds of options open to you... just use your imagination.

Just go for it! :)


domenico Foschi
3-Jan-2006, 00:00
CXC don't complain, Here in Whittier SOCal today we have been without power from the early AM until now (About 11PM). I was going MAD, no computer, no enlarger, rainy outside.....

David Richhart
3-Jan-2006, 09:17
If he were still living would Eddie Weston not be photographing "Pepper # 255,384,567" ???

3-Jan-2006, 18:21

I feel for you... it's akin to going a day without a coffee fix! :(

Glad to see you're back up and running though. :)


"If he were still living would Eddie Weston not be photographing "Pepper # 255,384,567" ???"


LOL, No, I think he'd have moved on to "Pears" by now! :) Or, egg plants! :)