View Full Version : 11x14 Paper Safe

Edward Mast
1-Jan-2006, 14:18
Does anyone have a use for a Brumberger 11x14 paper safe? The first offer of $15 gets it (to cover shipping - no charge for the safe). This is a metal safe, with roll-up door, and 5 compartments inside (one large one and four smaller ones). It is in good condition. Dimensions are aproximately 12"x12"x16". Will ship in U.S. only. E-mail me directly at: nedmast2@aol.com

ronald moravec
1-Jan-2006, 14:33
Mine is 35+ years old and still going strong. It was about $50 new in 1970.

Michael Graves
1-Jan-2006, 16:19
I'll take it off your hands. What's your address?

Dan Jolicoeur
1-Jan-2006, 16:55
If he backs out I'll take it also.

domenico Foschi
1-Jan-2006, 19:21
Those are great paper safes.
Congratulations, Michael, although you'll spend an hefty sum for the shipping: those things are heavy.

Mark Fisher
2-Jan-2006, 08:04
I also have one of the metal paper safes that I'd be willing to part with (or trade for other darkroom stuff). I'm not nearly as nice as Ned, though, as I'd ask that it is only available for pick up in the Chicago area (actually north of Chicago). It even comes preloaded with 11x14 and 8x10 paper. It is a bit out of date.....I'd guess at least 15 years!

michael Allen
3-Jan-2006, 21:32
Mark, I'm in the Chicago burbs if you want to get rid of your safe.

David A. Goldfarb
4-Jan-2006, 08:40
Last I was in the B&H used department (about a week ago), I saw an 11x14" Brumberger sitting on the shelf for $40, for those who didn't get Ned's.