View Full Version : Ilford Cap 40

Bob Galasinski
1-Jan-2006, 13:23
Besides p-30 does the cap 40 do any other processes?

tor kviljo
2-Jan-2006, 02:13
not that I know of: processing times for P-30 is way slower than RA-4 & the obsolete EP-2 color-neg-paper (and the Ektachrome 3000 process is obsolete I belive?). However, with b & w paper chemistry, You will probably be able to dilute developer & fix to a consentration making the Cap-40 useful. But this is hardly a good approach when you can choose a faster machine with adjustable speed etc (such as thermaphot-range (thermaphot made the cap-40 by the way...)) sold for a song these days in the era of Epson..... The newer P-30 compatible (i.e.: reinfoced corrosion-resistance) machines had/have adjustable speed making them adaptable for different processes.

2-Jan-2006, 09:32
No. The Cap-40 isnt adjustable like the ICP-42 is. If you want to do RA-4 or B&W, stick with the ICP-42 or the Thermaphot UCP 403, which was the equivalent of the ICP-42.