View Full Version : Hello 2006, Goodbye Agfa. A eulogy.

Christopher Nisperos
31-Dec-2005, 18:40
Being in Europe, it's already 2006 as I write this, but being ahead of the U.S. timezones, there's still enough time to remind whomever cares to raise a glass of orange juice (that's what I did) to say farewell to Agfa.

Call me a romantic, but I thought it was a matter of respect for a great —beloved?— company and a high quality family of products which many of us have used and many others had grown to depend upon.

As long as photographs still exist which were printed on Agfa paper, or negatives exposed on Agfa film —or even negatives of other brands developed in Agfa developer ... no need to say "rest in peace". Agfa will always be there .. or, I should say, have been there. Thanks, Agfa, for the memories you allowed us to record, and thanks for your important contributions to the world of traditional photography.

John Kasaian
31-Dec-2005, 19:02

I'd toast with a graduate full of Rodinal , but I'll hoard my last little plastic bottle of the official "Agfa" stuff until I tap into my stash of 100APX(unfortunately its 35mm)...so I'll toast with a glass(a big glass) of Pinot Noir.....

"To Agfa!"

David Richhart
31-Dec-2005, 19:24
A glass of ORANGE juice for the ORANGE boxes of Agfa-Brovira paper that I so dearly miss seems quite appropriate, Christopher ...

and I wonder how long will it be before I am drinking LEMONAID for the yellow boxes of Kodak

Victor Samou Wong
31-Dec-2005, 22:34
Just bought a pack of 16x20 multicontrast classic myself....

Brian Vuillemenot
31-Dec-2005, 22:35
And how about some lime flavored gatorade in honor of the demise of Velvia 50?

Christopher Nisperos
1-Jan-2006, 05:28
... and don't forget, we almost had to toast Ilford too (with milk?).

Nick Morris
1-Jan-2006, 20:47
I can only hope that somehow Agfa's Multicontrast Classic papers will be revived by someone, somewhere. Its' not too much to ask for, is it?