View Full Version : storing fresh 4x5 polaroid prints in the field

Santiago Vanegas
31-Dec-2005, 17:45
I've been having some issues storing fresh 4x5 polaroid prints in the field while shooting. Currently, I put them in a small 4x6 archival print storage box. There, they are protected from dirt and grit, but since they're fresh and a bit gooey they end up sticking to each other. Does anybody have any suggestions for storing fresh polaroid prints in the field in a way that will protect them from the elements *and* from each other?

Steve H
31-Dec-2005, 18:30
Mr. Vanegas,
How about cutting some sheets of wax paper to go inbetween each polaroid ? Cut then before you go, and just store them in the box.

Caroline Matthews
1-Jan-2006, 08:18
It's a bit of trouble, but I adapted a box to store Pola prints while they're wet. I used foam core on two sides with slits in the surface so I can slide prints into the slit and keep them separated. In the box I used, I had to double up foam core on both sides to adjust the width to fit the prints. It's a bit of a pain as it another piece of gear to carry arround, but it works pretty well.

Bill Jefferson
2-Jan-2006, 02:23
What film are you talking about here?