View Full Version : Image circle for Nikkor 760mm mounted in shutter

Dave Benfer
30-Dec-2005, 19:55
Please forgive me, I've searched the net for days, trying to find some information about my Nikkor 760mm process lens. I had the lens mounted in shutter by SK Grimes, but almost never use it. I intend to sell this lens on eBay in a week or so, and am writing the description for it. I would like to add some tech details. Does anybody have some info I can use, or point me to a link, where I can do some research. I'm particurally interested in the coverage of the lens (IC). Also, do you have any idea of the value of a Nikkor 760mm, f11 mounted in an Acme#5 shutter. The lens is in perfect condition.

thank you

Michael Gudzinowicz
30-Dec-2005, 21:09
If it's the 760 mm Apo-Nikkor, then the coverage is 46 degrees giving an image circle of 645 mm.
You might check the web for similar Apo Artars and Apo Germinars to get an estimate for a reasonable price.

Dave Benfer
1-Jan-2006, 12:47
Thank you Mike, it is indeed the 760MM APO Nikkor. When I was hunting for a long focal length lens, I really wanted the 30inch Red Dot Artar, and I used to haunt eBay (for months and years) looking for one. When they do show up (usually in barrel) they're VERY expensive, so when I found the 760, (in barrell) I bought it and had it mounted, they problem is, I almost never use it.

I am an 8X10 user, and when I use the 760mm, and the camera is focused at infinity, the bellows are pretty much stretched out to their max (around 32 inches). Wind can be a problem. The last time I put it on the front on my camera, I was down at the Grand Canyon, and the negatives are impressive. But I still use my favorite lens, the 19inch Red Dot Artar, much more.

My guess is maybe somebody with 11X14 or larger would be interested and have the bellows to use it.

I know that Nikkor process lens are plentiful on eBay, in barrel. They ALMOST never show up on the used market mounted in shutter. I think maybe because when people have them mounted, they like them so much, they never sell them.

I'll keep a lookout for a price comparision, thank you.