View Full Version : 13x18 film

Ted Harris
30-Dec-2005, 19:47
Harking back to all the threads about 5x7 and 13x18 film availability .....

10 boxes of Provi 100F (10 sheets per box) in 13x18 are available on eBay from Italy ..... I don't need it, freezer is full right now. Someone else?


Marco Annaratone
30-Dec-2005, 22:05
There is also a Velvia 50 4x5 being offered. Note that both have an April 2005 expiration.

Antonio Corcuera
31-Dec-2005, 06:47
nordfoto.de is still offering the last boxes of Agfa apx 100 in 13x18. Pity I don't shoot the format...

Ted Harris
31-Dec-2005, 07:33
Aapril 2005 and a note that it was "properly stored" so I wouldn't worry about a few months out of date.

For anyone interested who has never used APX 100 it is a very nice film, very different from any of the transparency emulsions now on the market. It is somewhat saturated, very warm and somewhat grainer than other modern tranny film. I have used it in both 8x10 and 5x7/13x18 for some years.

I forgot to mention in my original post that the Provia 13x18 is very cheap cheap cheap! Also now sold ... hopoe someone here got it.