View Full Version : Seikosha SLV f 6.8 astragon 90 mm lens

Stephen E. Sample
30-Dec-2005, 12:32
I have a chance to buy a Seikosha SLV f 6.8 - 32 Astragon 90 mm Lens, B trru 500 sec. It appears to have a lens coating and the lens is clean. Does anyone know how sharp it is and will it cover a 4x5 film with any movements? I noticed that Bob Salomon has previously commented on a 150 lens of the same make. Can anyone advise me? Thanks

Michael Graves
30-Dec-2005, 14:25
I used to have one of those lenses. Coverage is minimal for 4x5, but will cover it. Just don't expect any movements. Flare is pretty noticeable; or at least it was on the one I owned. Also, as I recall, I had to shoot at f22 to prevent noticeable falloff in sharpness toward the edges. Sharpness seemed okay. I stll have a 16x20 B&W print of a mine up against a mountainside that I shot with it. The detail is good. But I replaced it with a Schneider Angulon which is definitely better. If it's cheap enough and you don't need a lot of movements, I'd say it would be okay.

Stephen E. Sample
2-Jan-2006, 17:37
Thanks for the answer Michael. I think I'll pass and do what you did. Steve