View Full Version : Arista Rapid E-6 processing

J.L. Kennedy
30-Dec-2005, 00:58
Does anyone use Arista Rapid E-6 processing kits from Freestyle? It seems that the Tetenal 500 ml 3-bath kit is no longer available. Since this volume suited my needs quite well I am curious about the Arista product because it is available in similiar sized 1 pint kits. A few things make me nervous about the Arista product: first, the instruction sheet available on Freestyle's website doesn't mention anything about the increased first developer time usually recommended for Fuji transparency films; second, it doesn't give times for 100 degree F but its 105 degree time is 6.5 minutes for the first developer (same time as Tetenal at 100 degrees). Are these minor issues? I could also just buy the 1 liter Tetenal kit but I hate to waste stuff and I only shoot 20-40 4x5 sheets of E-6 per year.

Joseph Dickerson
30-Dec-2005, 09:59

I used the Arista E-6 chemistry for years in a vocational school program and it works great. The instructions that come with the kit (very complete by the way) do have times for Fuji films.

We always processed at 85 degrees because 105 degrees was too hard for our water heater to keep up with but I was very happy with the Arista chemistry.

Joe D.