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8-Jun-2020, 20:13
Greetings everyone,

I recently found out about the full body IMAGO 1:1 camera/system.

Wikipedia says they use 6 strobe lights.

Does anyone know what strobes or what power they used to be able to get a proper exposure with their direct positive paper?

I'm interested in direct positive but not sure if the amount of light is dangerous to a subject (not sure how IMAGO does it with out hurting eyes).

For example, I know people use Speedotron Black Line 105 heads at 9600ws for portraits in tintype.
If one were to use two of these heads but through a large umbrella, would the diffused light help to avoid eye damage (temporary or long term)?

Thanks so much in advance for any help/direction/advice!
Be well!

Best Regards,
Kevin H.