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7-Jun-2020, 14:41
If you can pass it on that the collodion.com forum board is being prepared to be put back up as a stand-alone database for information - 16 years of good stuff on there. I'll post something when it's up. A guy in Arizona is working on it. Thanks.



My Uncle got this to me. He talked with Quinn today about their move from Denver to their new place. Figured it would be of interest here.

7-Jun-2020, 15:15
So he's no longer in Colorado?

Tin Can
7-Jun-2020, 15:34
seldom seen

I'd get off grid if I could

7-Jun-2020, 16:08
I'm that guy. I have the old Collodion.com database that Quinn so kindly let me have as an archive. Just need the time to find a place to post it, at zero cost. Of course, if people had donated more when Quinn hosted it the past 16 year, he wouldn't have had to close it. It was only $300 a year to maintain. It would have been easier for people to have paid say $10/yr and just leave it where it was. Now I have to find a site, server, tech people to get it going again, and all that. People that think "everything is free on the internet" need to learn - it's often not. Especially as a perpetual database to search and hunt for answers on. Right now, it's gone forever. I talked Quinn into letting me archive it, but it will take time to figure out next steps.

Read here, this is how this new /wetplate section got started on this forum, when I posted about the Collodion.com closing https://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?158231-Collodion-websites-closed