View Full Version : linhof tech 5x7

17-Feb-2000, 21:26
I am interested in tech 5x7 and saw adds of two tech 4(5x7) at midwest photo exc hange.I called them,and one staff there talked to me with a supposed to be tech 4 by him.But, he told me it didn't have front tilt forward and he said only tech 5 had tilt forward which they sold for almost $300 0.This seems different form what I learned form this forum.Maybe they were wrong about the model?Thanks.Tao

Bob Salomon
18-Feb-2000, 05:16
Get the serial number and we can tell you the model and age.

Bob Salomon
18-Feb-2000, 05:20
With the serial number we can tell model and age.

Bob Eskridge
18-Feb-2000, 09:32
Mid-west is correct (according to everything I have ever read.) The 5X7 Linhof only added tilt forward with the V model. The 4X5 Linhof added tilt forward with the IV model.

Tilt forward can be made in an awkward way by dropping the bed and raising the standard.