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3-Jun-2020, 16:20
"Once completed, daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, and some tintypes were usually sealed to a brass mat and cover glass, thus preventing dust and fingerprints from marring their delicate image surfaces. (https://cool.culturalheritage.org/coolaic/sg/bpg/annual/v02/bp02-08.html)"

Something I learned from taking a dag workshop and applied to my ambrotypes.


Not as pretty to look at but it can be displayed with a large frame where you can't see the tape. I've successfully did this to an 11x14 ambrotype (Home Depot clear glass) but be forewarned that thickness of your glass, it's size, and the number of tape layers could flex enough were contact between the clear glass and emulsion can occur and damage your image. Point is it offers some protection from handling and display.