View Full Version : TF-3 Fixer

Pete Watkins
28-Dec-2005, 10:59
I'm just about to mix a new batch of TF-3 fixer. Can anybody tell me how long the stock solution will last A/ In a full bottle B/ In a half full bottle. I would also like to ask what fixer do others use with Pyrocat-HD? Many thanks. PETE.

28-Dec-2005, 15:33

I personally use TF-3.

However, you could use other fixers, F-24 for example, without fear of a loss of the proportional stain. Too much has been made IMHO of the need for very alkaline fixers with Pyro staining developers. All you get from this is a great deal of B+F stain. Proportional stain is what you want with these type of developers, and you will get it with Pyrocat-HD with either alkaline or base fixers.

Richard Wasserman
28-Dec-2005, 18:50
I use Ryuji's Neutral Fix with Pyrocat and it works very well indeed. See: http://tinyurl.com/76qvt

John Berry ( Roadkill )
28-Dec-2005, 19:25
I'm still trying to figure out how long TF-4 last in working solution. I haven't had any problems with stock solution setting for six months.

Pete Watkins
29-Dec-2005, 07:45
Many thanks for your answers. I will try F-24 as I usually order Ammonium Thiosulfate in liquid form (I tried it in powder form and it seemed different somhow) and it's a pain to have sent in the post. Thanks again. PETE.