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John Z.
26-Dec-2005, 18:25
I have a Gotar-S Goerz f10 300mm lens which I have been trying out on my 11x14 camera. It seems to cover fine, with movement, but was wondering what the coverage of this lens is exactly. It would be good to know how much room I have to spare. Thanks for you replies and information.

Donald Brewster
27-Dec-2005, 08:43
I'm surprised you get that much coverage. A Gotar has the same construction/coverage as an Artar (though they use different glass), and a 300mm Artar doesn't cover 8x10 at infinity. The 16.5" Gotar is listed for 11X14 in the Goerz literature.

27-Dec-2005, 10:43
Raise the lens to the very top of the front standard. Now tilt the bed of your camera up. This will probably allow you to find the edge of your image circle. As Donald said, I'm surprised it covers as much as you say it does. Check it at infinity and see what you get.

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
27-Dec-2005, 17:16
If the Gotar is anything like an Artar, I think you will find that the image circle is quite large however much of the circle is quite soft and does not improve after stopping down. My 14" Artar appeared to cover 11x14 with movements, but after putting a single sheet of film through it I realized that the corners were mush, even at f/64.

John Z.
27-Dec-2005, 23:21
Actually, you are right. On closer inspection of my 11x14 test negatives, the edges are not sharp at all. Question answered, and very helpful; now I can avoid future negative 'failures'. The Gotar is a fine 8x10 lens, but falls short of 11x14. Thanks everyone for your replies.