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25-Dec-2005, 15:03
elearning.winona.edu/staff_o/jjs/grapic.gif (http://elearning.winona.edu/staff_o/jjs/grapic.gif)

And we wonder why Kodak sold its printing division?

They can't spell the name of their own product?

Or do I have *gasp* a counterfeit roll?

Lee Hamiel
25-Dec-2005, 15:42
It appears that they spelled it properly at least to me.

My Saab was an Aero as well.

Kodak lists the film spelled the same as your link shows as well.


Colin Graham
25-Dec-2005, 15:57
Lee it was aerograpic not aerographic

Lee Hamiel
25-Dec-2005, 16:07

Sorry ...

Allen Quinn
25-Dec-2005, 16:34
...Kodak probably used the Microsoft spell chucker.

25-Dec-2005, 16:37
Hey, Lee, it's good to meet a fellow dickselectric!

Lee Hamiel
25-Dec-2005, 18:52
Thanks JJ ...

Being 50+% deaf I tend to be a stickler for spelling - Don't know why other than I feel that it's easy enough to spell properly - also as an illustrator & having to proof a lot of text used for work related projects I tend to be tuned in to it except for this topic:) - this one passed me right by - guess I have not had enough to drink on x-mas here!


Paddy Quinn
25-Dec-2005, 20:02
That's "Xmas". No hyphen

25-Dec-2005, 20:22
Lee, I have found being near deaf to be a blessing. A drink on Xmas is acceptable; two is better.

And Paddy, me lad, Xmas and X-mas are both acceptable. By the way, modern Christians who protest the abbreviation are benignly ignorant. It has been around like that for dozens of centuries, and was always a most reverent expression. Have a pint on me; in fact, drink until you cannot help but pronounce X-mas properly (khmas).

With the help the most excellent English editor in residence, Ms. Molly McGuire,
Pedantically yours,

Paddy Quinn
25-Dec-2005, 20:25
"It has been around like that for dozens of centuries"

since about the 14th

25-Dec-2005, 20:33
Nay. It easily goes back to year 900, and is derrived from ancient Greek, albeit without modern context.

Paddy Quinn
25-Dec-2005, 20:42
Its first documented uses only go back to about the 14th (very possibly 13th) century. And yes, the first letter is the Greek letter "Chi" the first letter in Greek of Christos and was obviously doubly symbolic

The use of the chi rho symbol pre-dates that of course as does the use of the single X for Christ

26-Dec-2005, 01:13
Funny how these things turn out to be derived from something completely different than we thought.

I always thought father christmas comes from the north pole. Turns out he's Turkish but don't tell your kids!

Santa Claus (http://today.reuters.co.uk/news/newsArticleSearch.aspx?storyID=115707+23-Dec-2005+RTRS&srch=iceland)

Stan. Laurenson-Batten
27-Dec-2005, 08:18
Yes, as a small child I now feel I was misdirected about the patron Saint of England.
St. George hailed from the same region as Santa. By all accouts he was an undesirable miscreant; promoted as a cult figure by the Perseus legend followers in the 6th century. The cult of St. George was brought by the crusades to Europe. The legend of him slaying a dragon was pure spin. Not much has changed!

Craig Wactor
5-Jan-2006, 20:30
I've got a bottle of "Kodalk" balanced alkali. At one point they could not even spell thier own name.

www.craigwphoto.com (http://www.craigwphoto.com)

Erik Gould
6-Jan-2006, 09:08
"The legend of him slaying a dragon was pure spin." .... What?! you mean there was no dragon? First Santa, now this.... i can't go on.

Mark Sampson
7-Jan-2006, 19:39
"Kodalk", with an L in the word, was Kodak's trade name for their product also known as "Balanced Alkali". Confusing, yes, but not a typo; and an excellent product, by the way. Now that EK has given it up, is anyone else making anything similar?

John Kasaian
8-Jan-2006, 09:07
What you've got is like money in the bank! When the Great Yellow Father in Rochester bites the bullet, don'tcha know collectors are gonna swarm over yellow artifacts just like some Yahoos are doing right now with Agfa Orange? Your example, being a rare freak, will be worth all that much more.

When the time comes, eBay it and take Mollie on the cruise! ;-)