View Full Version : Need Professional Business Tools for Photographers

Michael Lyon
31-Dec-1999, 19:41
I have been advised to locate and purchase "Exactly for Photographers" it is a C D for running a commercial photography business (which I am begining) - can anyo ne give me a address, phone or internet address to locate this item?

I am also looking for the Editorial Photographers internet mailing list, any tip s?

As you can see I am just starting out in my business locally, any tips you have that you care to pass on I would be very grateful for you time and input.

Thanks and Happy New Year!


Garrett Adams
1-Jan-2000, 02:48
It's free. Check http://www.exactphoto.com/ They are in the process of mailing out version 1.2 CD's to registered users. The software CD has been inserted in the last two issues of Photo District News. I'm taking the wait and see attitude since my IBIS software still works like a champ.

Jim Blecha
4-Jan-2000, 19:11

While the price of the software (free) is right, you often get what you paid for..... I use a program called INVIEW available from hindsightltd.com. It's a little expensive for starting out, but it'll do many daily tasks to help keep your business organized. If you go to their web page mentioned above, they'll send you a limited demo to try out. They likely have and ad in PDN also.

Another useful program is PHOTOQUOTE to help you determine the value of your work.

Finally, if you live near a local chapter of The American Society of Media Photographers, you may wish to attend a few meetings to learn more about the business. Please e-mail me if you want more info.