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Antonio Corcuera
23-Dec-2005, 13:59
Today I went to buy a box of 4x5" Provia at my pro store here in Barcelona and didn't find any. I was informed Fujifilm has decided to stop distributing LF film in Spain since last month, except for 9x12 Provia. Fuji will only take very large orders which the store can't manage. Only Kodak left, in all flavours and sizes. Since I buy all my film online at much cheaper prices it's not a big deal, (I just needed an extra box while my order arrives) but I guess Fuji stopped because everyone is doing like me (and shooting digital). Kodak is probably still in the market because of a "slow reaction", or market quota or some of the strange politics we are used to. Or maybe in Spain people shoot more Kodak. Dunno. Anyway, just wanted to let you know. Spain is a small LF market, but hell, it's Europe. I just can't image how the LF film situation is in less developed countries... Internet and mail orders seem to be the present and near future, even with the supposed expansion of the LF market.

Eduardo Aigner
23-Dec-2005, 15:55
I can find Fuji Provia 100 4x5 in Brazil! Not that easy, but anyway it is available. So bad I can't say the same about ANY b+w LF film...

24-Dec-2005, 03:46
Hóla Antonio.
Yo compro película de LF en Madrid y también encuentro algún problema para conseguirla, especialmente en 13x18.
Te rogaría, si tienes la amabilidad, me proporcionases la dirección de tus lugares de compra.
Recibe un saludo.
Un saludo muy cordial para todos los participantes en este foro, de los que tanto estoy aprendiendo.
Perdón por no poder utilizar el inglés.

Christopher Nisperos
24-Dec-2005, 04:48

Relax. Don't forget Prophot, here in Paris. They are one of the biggest retailers in Europe and they do a huge portion of their sales by mail order and, FOR THE MOMENT, you can still find your Fuji film there. (http://www.prophot.com/).

Also, try FotoImpex-Berlin and Calumet in Hamburg.

Ok . . . this is not as convenient as your local store in Barcelona . . . lo siento!

Feliz Navidad,

Antonio Corcuera
24-Dec-2005, 06:07
please read my post - I buy all my film online - just needed an extra box and got the news I'm sharing.
Saturnino, te he escrito un email.
Happy Christmas,