View Full Version : How to send exposed film for processing????

Stephen Thomason
22-Dec-2005, 20:44
I apologize for what is probably a dumb question from a large format newbie - how in the world do I send my exposed 4x5 film out for processing? I was going to crank up my darkroom and process the film in my old Unicolor and Beseler drums, but decided I just don't have the time. So how do I send out my exposed Velvia? I've got both quickloads and sheet film. I've got an Epson 4990 that I plan to use along with Photoshop CS2 and send the scanned images to Costco for printing on the Fuji Crystal Archive paper. Works well with my medium format transparencies. There doesn't appear to be a local lab that I can take my film holders to, and I sure don't want to mail them out and hope I get mine back. I only have one film box, and am not inclined to send it out with just a few pieces of film. And what about the quickloads? They are going to need a lot more than just an envelope with some stiffener in it, aren't they? Thanks for the help, and my apologies for asking such a basic question that I should probably know the answer to.

22-Dec-2005, 20:56
find a local lab that can do the developing and ask them for some empty film boxes. They more than likely have quite a few empties.

Brian Vuillemenot
22-Dec-2005, 21:00
Load your non-quickload film back into the film box, and then tape it shut. Write on the box "Exposed Film- DO NOT open except in the dark", the film type, and the number of sheets. If it's your only box, just clearly specify to the lab that you want it returned. I've never had a problem with loosing a film box that way. I put quickloads back into the foil packages they come in (20 to a package) and then put them ina box, wrapped in bubble wrap. If you only have a few sheets to have processed, it would make more sense just to find a local lab to do it for you. Good luck!

Joseph O'Neil
23-Dec-2005, 05:56
I agree with the comments before, but do one more thing.

I buy those do-it-yourself labels that go into either laser or inkjet printers, and i make up a large label, enough to cover a whole side of an empty 4x5 box,a nd then in big, block letters I have written "Exposed film - open only in total darkness".

I too wrote that message by hand in a magic marker on an empty box, but years ago I had an experience where somebody didn't see (or take time to notice) and yep, opend the box at the wrong time. Only ever happened once but that's enough. :)