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Steve H
19-Dec-2005, 20:33
I've been exclusively using APX100 in my 35mm camera for the last two years, and using rodinal as my developer. As with many now Im lost in the sea with AGFA going under. Comming to LF, I've been looking for films and developers that would come close. I found R09, which apparently is a Rodinal clone that was manufactured in E. Germany while behind the wall. Anyone have experiance with this ? How's about a matching film ? I've heard about Efke, but I've never seen any examples.


Luca Merlo
19-Dec-2005, 22:40
A good replacement for Agfa products could be the R09 developer and the Foma 100 film. Good results can be achieved with Efke 25 and 50 and the R09.

Jiri Vasina
20-Dec-2005, 00:10
R09 is (also) produced by Foma [CZ]. According to Digital Truth (http://www.digitaltruth.com/devchart.html), it could be used with the same (or similar) times as Rodinal. For Fomapan 100 it is one of the recommended developers...


Walter Foscari
20-Dec-2005, 07:16
I recall reading somewhere that the new Rollei films are actually rebranded APX. Anyone else heard about this?

John Kasaian
20-Dec-2005, 22:35
FWIW, Horn Photo in Fresno, CA has boxes of privately labeled 100 ASA 35mm Agfa APX quite economically priced.

A box now lives in my fridge between the Best Foods mayonnaise and the jalapeno rings from Costco, along with four stringes of Zermectin Equine paste wormer, 2 heads of Romaine, a dozen eggs, celery, Hershery's Chocolate syrup, a gallon of 2% milk, some grated parmesan, and my Bride's stash of Chardonnay from the 47# Rooster, Hahn, and the CSU Fresno State Winery.

I guess we're all stocked up for darned near anything.

John Kasaian
20-Dec-2005, 22:36
Those are 25 roll boxes, 36 exposure rolls.

David Karp
20-Dec-2005, 22:40
I believe that Arista II 100 is rebranded APX 100, so for as long as that lasts you have another source for the film you like. Check out Freestyle's website: http://www.freestylephoto.biz/sc_prod.php?cat_id=402&pid=1000000827

Steve H
20-Dec-2005, 23:55
I do need to stock up abit...However, it seems to me almost like time wasted, as I need to come to grips with the death of AGFA, and spend some quality time with a new system. Besides, the belgian beers in the fridge refuse to share space with the germans.