View Full Version : Fuji Quickload Neopan Acros 11

17-Dec-2005, 20:20
What is the actual image size of 4x5 Quickload negatives? Thanks.

Paul Butzi
17-Dec-2005, 20:57
that would depend on the holder you put the quickload into.

For a Fuji quickload holder, the image size will be 4.72x3.73 inches.

For a Kodak readyload holder, the image size will be 4.69x3.64 inches

For a Polaroid 545 holder, the image size will be 4.79x3.75 inches.

all this and more at www.butzi.net/reviews/readyquick.htm (http://www.butzi.net/reviews/readyquick.htm)

Jeffrey Sipress
17-Dec-2005, 21:26
Don't forget to account for the image area lost by that really usefull hole that Fuji still punches in the image area of the film. Of course, those that scan can clone it out, but I still refer to it as the ass hole.

17-Dec-2005, 22:34
Jeffrey, how much image is lost?

Jeffrey Sipress
18-Dec-2005, 10:58
Bill, the hole is 3mm in diameter, and requires a crop of approx. 1/8" on one edge and 3/16" on the adjacent side. Sometimes that's enough to alter your composition and edge to subject placement more than you want. It's so silly.