View Full Version : Photowarehouse no longer cutting ilm to size

Diane Maher
16-Dec-2005, 13:17
I just got off the phone with Photowarehouse and it seems that they are no longer cutting film to size. And the person I spoke with said that they think the sheet film business is dying - for their company anyway. I was rather aggravated at this as within the last week or two I called and this was not a problem.

So, does anyone know of another place to get film custom cut and notched?

David A. Goldfarb
16-Dec-2005, 13:23
J&C seems open to selling any size, as long as you're interested in the films they sell. www.jandcphotography.com What were you looking for?

Diane Maher
16-Dec-2005, 14:40
I have 100 sheets of 10x12 inch Tri-X sheet film that I need to have cut down to 5x12 to fit in S&S holders. Sorry about the misspelling in the title of this thread.

John Kasaian
16-Dec-2005, 16:58

Photowarehouse is indeed a loss since they stopped getting Ilford FP-4 endrolls to cut down. J and C appears to be the only game in town that I know of---and they are truly nice people to deal with.

Since you are shooting 5x12, have you thought of getting 5" wide aerial film from MR. PHOTO and cutting it down yourself? you'd have the options of Plus-X, Panatomic, even color and infrared film I think.

Good Luck!

Oren Grad
16-Dec-2005, 17:07
Diane, have you thought about cutting it yourself? If - and that's a big if - the precise dimensions of the 10x12 Tri-X are such that splitting it exactly in half will give you two pieces that fit your 5x12 holders, then it's just a single cut. It might be worth a try. Practice in the dark with a few pieces of (non-photographic) paper or card stock until you get the hang of it, then try a sheet of film or two and see what it's like. If you try it, do use a rotary cutter - guillotine cutters tend to produce a shear force that can make it hard to get a straight cut.

Diane Maher
16-Dec-2005, 17:12
The problem I have with cutting it myself is lack of a darkroom. I currently use a changing tent for all my film changing needs.

Oren Grad
16-Dec-2005, 19:31
Well, if you don't want to fuss, and if you're not absolutely committed to Tri-X, the easiest solution may be just to sell your stash of 10x12 film and buy some film already cut to 5x12. If I recall correctly you're still waiting for your camera, so there's no reason not to participate in one of the new special-order arrangements - Ilford FP4+/HP5+ or Kodak TMax 400 - both of which have listed 5x12 as one of the sizes to be available.

Diane Maher
16-Dec-2005, 19:44
I plan to participate. I'm not absolutely committed to Tri-X, but I do like Tri-X, so I'd rather see if I can't get it cut. I am looking around in the meantime, so hopefully I'll find someone who is willing to cut it and knows what they are doing.

John Kasaian
16-Dec-2005, 23:51
Just a thought---if you could fit a small rotory cutter inside your tent you could cut aerial roll film in there(I wouldn't try a gillotine style!) Make a gig so you can cut off 12" lengths and go to town!

Michael Mutmansky
17-Dec-2005, 08:40

That's a real problem, and one I was hoping wouldn't happen.

There is a place in upstate New York that used to do film recuts, but I don't have the name. Some searching should produce some information on them.

Cutting down film is going to be the only way for some special sized camera shooters to get film, as the list of available film sizes will probably continue to shrink into the future. I'm not against cutting my own down, but I have a darkroom, so it is possible for me to do so.

I'm thinking that you may have to get a larger changing bag and builg a jig with a rotary cutter to get the cutting done. I recommend you call Dick Phillips about a jig, as he developed one for use with his 8x16 camera, and I'll bet he would be willing to give you some information on how it was set up so you can build a similar device.


Diane Maher
17-Dec-2005, 14:01
That is so tempting. I would *love* to get some IR in that size, especially the color IR. :)

Thanks to all who replied for your suggestions. I have been offered the use of a darkroom locally by another LF shooter on the APUG forum, but I will also keep my eyes open for other places or people who might do this sort of thing too.

clay harmon
17-Dec-2005, 15:26
The place in NY is William Paul. Supposedly they will do this sort of work. That said, the one time I tried to get some film from them, it fell into a black hole, and I gave up quickly since Photo Warehouse was more than willing to conduct a business transaction. It might be worth a try: