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Michael Kadillak
15-Dec-2005, 16:11
Kodak T Max 400 ULF Film


We have been talking to Kodak about a production run of Kodak T Max 400 in all ULF sizes. We have reached terms and will be making an official offer to the public in a few days.

In the mean time please provide comments on the following pricing and if you think it's something you would be interested in.

Once we have all the details finalized we will have a period of pre orders. The pre orders are designed to help us in making the commitment to Kodak for an entire master roll of film to be cut by them for us. If this deal works Kodak will work with us in the future to keep the supply available. So this is more than a one shot deal.

Pre orders are key to making this deal happen and anyone who pre orders will get 10% off what will be the normal selling price.

All sizes are possible. You will be able to order any size in the pre order period. However, we will only stock the sizes listed below in the future.

All packages are 25 sheet boxes.

5x7 Regular Price - $47.99 Pre Order Discount - $43.19

5x12 Regular Price - $79.99 Pre Order Discount - $71.99

11x14 Regular Price - $209.99 Pre Order Discount - $188.99

7x17 Regular Price - $159.99 Pre Order Discount - $143.99

12x20 Regular Price - $324.99 Pre Order Discount - $292.49

8x20 Regular Price - $214.99 Pre Order Discount - $193.49

14x17 Regular Price - $319.99 Pre Order Discount - $287.99

16x20 Regular Price - $429.99 Pre Order Discount - $386.99

20x24 Regular Price - $644.99 Pre Order Discount - $580.49

As promised, John will be posting the details on his web site shortly. It has taken considerable work to get to this point and I sincerely hope that all of those that responded previously and others that recognize the marvelous properties of T Max 400 (excellent reciprocity and phenominal ability to build linear density to amazing numbers). Pass the word around and get back with us concerning your interest.


Michael Graves
15-Dec-2005, 16:26
I know I'm kind of new to these pages, but I would be interested in a few boxes of the 5x7 if this comes to pass. By John, I'm assuming you mean J & C's website?

15-Dec-2005, 16:36
My God ! There is a Santa after all ! Great news! Let me be the first to commend your and John's efforts. Thank You

Robert A. Zeichner
15-Dec-2005, 16:44
Michael, You've done a wonderful thing here. I have already sent at least three others to your original post and hopefully as the reality of this hits, others will get on board. Thanks for all of your efforts.

Michael Kadillak
15-Dec-2005, 16:48
I apologize for the confusion. Yes, John is the owner of J&C Photo.

You can e-mail him relative on the subject of submitting your order for T Max 400 film directly from his web site



Michael Kadillak
15-Dec-2005, 17:05
Thanks Robert. While it took longer than expected the easy part is behind us now.

At this juncture we need the LF community to step up to the plate and make the financial commitment commensurate with the unique opportunity that we have in front of us.

T Max 400 has never been cut in these alternative sizes and I would be remise in saying that until the last interation in the discussion process, being able to secure a reasonable price for a new generation film from Kodak is something I did not think was possible.

Now that we have the prices posted with a wonderful incentive, contact John at J&C at your earliest convenience with your order.

Kind Regards,

Christian Marquess
15-Dec-2005, 17:21
I would definitely be interested in the 5x7 Tmax 400!

Robert A. Zeichner
15-Dec-2005, 18:17
Michael, I could not find an email address on the j and c website. Can you help us here?

Michael Kadillak
15-Dec-2005, 18:21
Here is where you can direct your e-mails:



Joe Smigiel
15-Dec-2005, 18:42

Have you investigated whether Kodak's ULF TMY film will be on the original film base used for TMAX films and not the newer UV-blocking base that is now used for the slower TMX emulsion?

Christian Marquess
15-Dec-2005, 18:48

You read my mind! I was about to ask the same question. Can you address this, Michael?

Michael Kadillak
15-Dec-2005, 18:54
I will check with Kodak and report immediately.

I believe that it is the original film base and not the newer UV blocking base but I will find out for sure.

Great question

Just to be perfectly clear. John at J&C is posting the same note on APUG as I am posting here. We are working in concert to bring this project to fruition.


Jim Rhoades
16-Dec-2005, 06:21
Hey Mike; Glad to see your diversifying from energy to film. Now get on the stick and make them come out with Tri-x readyloads.

BTW I'll be out in Colorado in May with my big gear. I'll e-mail you for some ideas in a couple of months. Merry Christmas.

David Beal
16-Dec-2005, 07:32
Michael, may Santa Claus put a new 11x14 with Cooke lenses in your stocking!

I second Jim's request. I did my duty and called the secret telephone number (Kodak Prof. Svc. customer support) to tell them I wanted them to make Tri-X Readyloads. Interestingly, the guy who answered the phone didn't deny that they were being considered; he just said something like "the company hasn't given out any information yet." Maybe there's hope.

And a politically incorrect Merry Christmas to you, and everyone on this forum.

/s/ David Beal ** Memories Preserved Photography, LLC

Chip Chisena
16-Dec-2005, 12:21
I'd like to get 8"x16",will that be possible? Minimum order?