View Full Version : Type 665, Smoke em if you got em...

15-Dec-2005, 07:59
Just read on another forum (and subsequently Polaroid's website) that type 665 is no more and will be lost to us forever during the first quarter of next year.


15-Dec-2005, 08:21
Oh, s.....er Darn!

Donald Qualls
16-Dec-2005, 09:59
According to Polaroid, both 665 and 85 are going, though the actual announcement specifies first quarter for 85, first half of 2006 for 665. Both pages are very clear in saying Type 55 is unaffected, which leads me to infer that the component(s) being phased out is primarily the negative film itself (different, faster material than that in Type 55).

16-Dec-2005, 16:57
Great! I just bought a Polaroid 180 a couple months ago specifically to use with 665. Guess I'll just bang myself on the head with it now.

jared Charney
8-Jan-2006, 16:16
The discontiuation of 665 is a huge blow to me, I just wrote Polaroid begging that they reconsider and will call tomorrow to say it over the telephone, maybe if enough people . . .