View Full Version : Mylar in the U.K.

Pete Watkins
13-Dec-2005, 03:59
Can anybody in the U.K. tell me where they buy Mylar to use as a barrier between POP paper / salted paper and their negatives. I don't need a massive roll, just a sensible amount. Thanks. PETE.

Donald Qualls
13-Dec-2005, 18:53
Have you tried OHP (overhead projector) transparency sheets from the local office supply? Or do you need to make prints larger than A4? Might check the office supply anyway; they might have and sell larger transparency film by the meter, used in making things like big window banners (or might be able to steer you someplace that does).

Marko Trebusak
13-Dec-2005, 22:41
Pete, you might try Secol (http://http://www.secol.co.uk/POLYESTER.SHTML). For overseas they aren't very resposive, but it might be different for UK.


14-Dec-2005, 07:54
It's not in the U.K., but have you looked at www.lightimpressionsdirect.com? I've used their polyester negative storage sleeves as a barrier when printing.

David E. Rose
14-Dec-2005, 10:49
In the past, single and double matt mylar sheets have been available from drafting and art supply stores to use for hand drafting. I believe the thicknesses available were 2, 3 and 4 mils, with sizes ranging from 8 1/2"x11" up to 30" x 40" in sheets and 30" or 48" rolls. Assuming that the computer hasn't completely taken over, you should still be able to obtain this material from a local art/drafting store. There are certainlt sources online (Daniel Smith in the USA is a possibility).

14-Dec-2005, 15:28
Mylar is just the DuPont brand name for polyester film - as others said, Secol or similar sheets will do the job.

Cheers, Bob.

Struan Gray
15-Dec-2005, 03:06
Silverprint in London sell the Secol range. www.silverprint.co.uk

Pete Watkins
15-Dec-2005, 15:13
Thank you all for your help. Kentmere / Senteniel suggest that the Mylar / Polyester film should be 0.025mm / 0.001" thick. I did try OHP film but the thickness of the film or a pretty poor printing frame brought dissappointing results. I have been told to try a local florist as the clear film that they wrap bunches of flowers with might be suitable. Thanks again, PETE.