View Full Version : Fuji Quickload availability in Europe?

Glenn Kroeger
29-Dec-1999, 21:33
I would like some feedback on availablity of Fuji Quickload film in Europe. On m y last trip in 1992, I found 4x5 Fuji sheetfilm available in Amsterdam and Munic h. Quickload was not yet available. Will I be able to find Velvia and/or Provia QL in large cities such as Zurich, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Milan or London? I plan to take an initial supply with me, but want to have sources lined up in case I misjudge my needs.

Paul Schilliger
30-Dec-1999, 04:16
In Switzerland, you will find QL Velvia and Provia II. Astia is not imported. Fr om february or march, the Provia III should be available. However, a box of QL costs up to $70, profes sional source!

andrea milano
30-Dec-1999, 10:28
In London at teamwork ltd http://www.teamworkphoto.co.uk you'll find even more than it is currently available anywhere else. Ship everywhere. have fun! Andrea