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Don Dudenbostel
28-Feb-2020, 13:43
I don't think I've seen anything along this line so let's see images of people working or resting.

The steel mill was from 1973, Linhof Tekinca 70 180 Tele Arton Kodacolor X

Railroad worker from 1970, 4x5 Crown Graphic with roll back and 135 Xenar Probably Vericrome Pan

Mennonite girl ~1979, Rollei 3003 85 1.4 Planar HP5

Sawmill early 1970's Technika 70 and anatomic X

Don Dudenbostel
28-Feb-2020, 13:54
A few more images.

Carnival stripper 1975, pushed TC with Pentax K1000 and 50mm f2

Sleeping beauty ~2005, Leica MP with 90mm app Summicron

Old Guys 1969, 21mm Super Angolan and leica M2 with TX

Still worker 2007, Hasselblad 501CM 50mm CFE Delta 400 rated at 100 and pulled 2 stops for contrast control.

28-Feb-2020, 15:04
Sawmill early 1970's Technika 70 and anatomic X

That's such a great set--the sawmill, especially, is a part of my family history, my grandfather having made his first wages bucking slabs when he wasn't any older than the boy in the famous Robert Frost poem.:)

Tin Can
28-Feb-2020, 15:12
Good work Don!

Working people are the most important

In my decades working a factory, images were strictly banned, and enforced by workers...

Don Dudenbostel
28-Feb-2020, 15:55
I've always loved photographing people no matter hat they're doing. I feel it's important to record every day life because it's constantly changing.

Glad you like these images. In time I'll post a lot more. I figure I have over 100,000 of this kind of stuff. Wish I'd shot more but it's not too late.

The boy was part of a Mennonite colony back in the Cumberland Mountains. It took some time to gain their confidence before I could make photo's. This dates to the late 70's and was shot on my Leica M2. Most likely a 90 Elmarit and TX. The young man worked on the farm like an adult.

The bear and his owner were an attraction for tourists near my home. Shot in the mid 70's. Don't remember what it was with.

The 3rd photo was during my college days at the university of Tennessee in 1969. I was chief photographer of the paper and documented this image of student protests. The protests lasted three days and nights and were prior to Kent State. There were many arrests. This particular image is a crop from a 35mm neg shot with my M3 Leica and 21mm Super Angolan 3.4 on TX developed in my secret formula developer :~). We can call it police at work. This image launched my career as a photographer and ran in over 200 news papers and Esquire magazine twice. This is probably the hardest negative to print that I've ever made. I had to expose for the shadows and develop normally because of the other images on the roll. Contrast was fortunately normal but there was a good 3 stops difference from the front to the back due to my front subject being in heavy shadows. A real bear to print.

The 4th image is a Mennonite farmer plowing with his team. 35mm and think it was a 200 Telyt Leica lens on an M2 with Visoflex 2 and TX.

Monty McCutchen
28-Feb-2020, 16:08
Beautiful work

David Schaller
28-Feb-2020, 16:31
Thank you for posting these Don!

Alan Curtis
29-Feb-2020, 07:26
Don, I was in college at the same time as the third image. I remember it very well. Fantastic

Tin Can
29-Feb-2020, 09:00
1998 I worked in factory at night, took college art classes by day, hoping for new career in retirement. No go after 2008.

This is playful work/art lazy susan with rudder.

Dean of Students testing in meditation in front of vanished old college.

I have it in this room.

https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49600543822_db6c230b31_c.jpg (https://flic.kr/p/2iz2KC3)1-sunny dean weathervane (https://flic.kr/p/2iz2KC3) by TIN CAN COLLEGE (https://www.flickr.com/photos/tincancollege/), on Flickr

29-Feb-2020, 09:16

this makes me happy to see. Especially the Old Guys 1969 - it reminds me of grandpa, who would've turned hundred this year, but sadly he is off to pastures unknown since 25 years.

Don Dudenbostel
29-Feb-2020, 09:39
Thanks! It was a great time to get into photography. Here are a few more from the days around the third photo of the student surrounded by police.

Police at work.

Don Dudenbostel
29-Feb-2020, 10:07
And a few more from the following summer when the campus was visited by president Nixon.

Alan Curtis
29-Feb-2020, 13:11
I notice in one of the photos the police have their own camera man, looks like a speed graphic.
How did you get that close to President Nixon?

Don Dudenbostel
29-Feb-2020, 15:59
I notice in one of the photos the police have their own camera man, looks like a speed graphic.
How did you get that close to President Nixon?

I had press credentials.

Don Dudenbostel
6-Mar-2020, 07:38
A friend took me to a neighboring town's traders day several years ago. What a great experience! Great people and great faces.

12-Mar-2020, 04:34
Really great images in this series, Don.
Thanks for posting