View Full Version : rise/fall lockdown on cc400

Josh Wand
28-Dec-1999, 23:40
My CC400 (CC400 black + 90mm optar in recessed board + 545 = $382) rig arrived t oday, and I've already produced my first polaroids!

Small question: is the rise/fall lockdown on the front standard really supposed to be operated with a philips-head screwdriver? I can't seem to get it adjusted right--it either feels like it's tearing away at the nub or it's completely lock ed... is there some other tensioner I haven't found? Or is this what I get for p aying $161 for a Calumet?

John Hicks
29-Dec-1999, 03:04
Pull the knob outward to unlock it, push inward to lock it. Note that I may have gotten that backwards... <G>

At any rate, that's how it's locked and unlocked.

Josh Wand
29-Dec-1999, 12:06
Nevermind, I figured it out this morning.

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