View Full Version : Chamonix 5x12" camera, with options is a reality

Steve Sherman
14-Feb-2020, 18:04
After many conversations with Hugo Zhang and the Chamonix camera production staff, my "perfect world" camera is scheduled for production later this year. Initially, it was simply resurrecting the Chamonix 5x12" camera. Hugo kept after the designers and craftsman @ Chamonix per my interest of intergrating the 5x7 format. Earlier today Hugo reached out to me with an added option of a 5x7" reduction back for the same 5x12" Chamonix. The beauty of the this hybrid camera is these two complimentary formats will share the same bellows allowing in field transition from one format to the other incredibly quick and simple. This camera is capable of 600mm of bellows draw, pictures of a similar design Chamonix 5x14" are found here on Jim Galli's site (https://images.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?p=jim+galli+5x14%22+chamonix+camera&fr=yhs-itm-001&hspart=itm&hsimp=yhs-001&imgurl=http%3A%2F%2Ftonopahpictures.0catch.com%2FChamonix5X14%2FCamera0.jpg&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly91cy5zZWFyY2gueWFob28uY29tL3locy9zZWFyY2g_aHNwYXJ0PWl0bSZoc2ltcD15aHMtMDAxJnR5cGU9cGRzX21lMzU3OWJkZnB5enNlZ2lrbW9xeWlmb3FzdXd5MDdqOHFtb2RnXzIwXzA2X3NzZzMxJnA9amltJTIwZ2FsbGklMjA1eDE0JTIyJTIwY2hhbW9uaXglMjBjYW1lcmEmcGFyYW0xPTEmcGFyYW0yPWYlM0Q0JTI2YiUzRGNocm9tZSUyNmlwJTNENjguMjMwLjE1NS4xNjElMjZwYSUzRHBkZmNvbnZlcnRlcmRzJTI2dHlwZSUzRHBkc19tZTM1NzliZGZweXpzZWdpa21vcXlpZm9xc3V3eTA3ajhxbW9kZ18yMF8wNl9zc2czMSUyNmNhdCUzRHdlYiUyNmElM0RwZHNfbWUzNTc5YmRmcHl6c2VnaWttb3F5aWZvcXN1d3kwN2o4cW1vZGdfMjBfMDZfc3NnMzElMjZ4bHBfcGVyc19ndWlkJTNEZ2NsaWRfY2owa2NxaWE3b254YnJjbmFyaXNhaXc1M2Jfb2E1amdqeWJjdWpma2hqemV1ZmctcXl2YzdqdWN1Y3loZmZueWx5ZmpvanlreWJ5ZGNiaWFhcWF2ZWFsd193Y2IlMjZ4bHBfc2Vzc19ndWlkJTNENjQ1M2VjYzQxNzY3NDM5ZmMzZWI4NmJjNzA3OWY5ZTQtYTRlNS1hOGEzNzQwYjM1M2MlMjZ1cmVmJTNEJTI2YWJpZCUzRCUyNnh0X2FiZyUzRCUyNnh0X3ZlciUzRDEwLjEuNC43MCUyNmxzX3RzJTNEMTU4MDk1Mjc4NA&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAEjWqwhGWlbu6eWALUzV2681SYRdt5PK_AeQuKix0l6ABnUnBbHJz__RYHrapsi_ansJ8Dy4tUu5eVBGiQ53XXYrnbUSb7U8X5CBM2v9H3XfmTJlijip6TzO_Sw32yJ8ditUdyJFtnUND0mYVnS60b_-4L4uRRND92VCy1EwkaLF&_guc_consent_skip=1581727122#id=0&iurl=http%3A%2F%2Ftonopahpictures.0catch.com%2FChamonix5X14%2FCamera0.jpg&action=click) 200670

The 5x12" camera is affordably priced @ $4350, 5x7" reducing back @ $860.00 and Chamonix 5x12" film holders @ $330.00 each. The current version will be made from Teakwood and is less than 10 lbs providing a managable yet rewarding format for contact printing for those of us no longer willing to deal with larger and heavier contact print formats. Further discounts were discussed resulting in a $200.00 price break for 3 cameras ordered or a $300.00 price reduction with 5 cameras ordered. I have already ordered the complete setup with 3 holders, PLEASE spread the word, and Thank You Hugo Zhang and the Chamonix View Camera Co.

Ray Van Nes
14-Feb-2020, 18:51
They are a great outfit. I have holders made by them for my ersatz 5 x 12 Seneca. Seneca did not make this format. I used the hardware from a 5 x 7 and copied the same design. I have no doubt the Chamonix will be a great camera. Mine is a little clunky but workable.

14-Feb-2020, 22:29
Very cool! I'll stick to shooting half-frame 11x14 for now, but the size and weight of the 5x12 is pretty nice.

Jim Galli
15-Feb-2020, 10:39
A lot of water under the bridge since 2007. The camera in the photos on my site had another idiosyncrasy that the newer ones will not have. I insisted they make it to use 6X6 wood lens boards ala Eastman dimensions because I wanted interchangeability with my old workhorse Kodak 2D (the same one I'm still using!!) Chamonix thought that was kind of nutty. But they did it. Boards on the new ones will likely be Technika / Horseman? The quality and finish and usability of these cameras is nothing short of phenomenal. This will be an exciting build.

Jim Noel
15-Feb-2020, 10:57
The one complaint I have about my Korona is the 3x5" lensboard. The 6x6 on the Chamonix is a terrific idea.

William Whitaker
15-Feb-2020, 11:26
Sounds like fun Steve! Best of luck with it all. :-)

And yes, lensboard size matters!

Tim V
15-Feb-2020, 13:59
I want one so bad... Hmmmm... Better dust of the ski mask.

29-Mar-2020, 04:32
But they did it. Boards on the new ones will likely be Technika / Horseman?

Per Hugo they use the Sinar lensboards which are 140x140mm.